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Customer reviews 9 Hotel République

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    Is not my first time at 9Hotel Republique, I find itvery convient and I like the stile of the interiors. The staff is very frendly and helpfull.When ever I`m in Paris I´ll stay at the 9Hotel.We see us soon :-)

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Les meilleurs restaurants autour du 9 Hotel République

restaurant chez prune 9 hotel republique

Chez Prune - French cuisine

Located in front of the Canal Saint Martin, this authentic bistro with mosaic floors, wooden tables and vintage objects is the trendy must-visit of the district. In a festive and cool atmosphere, Chez Prune is a place for those who like to relax, enjoy a fine glass or taste a nice plate of cold-cuts. Known as the bobos’ favourite corner, vegeterians and meat/fish lovers will be pleased by all the delicious and original dishes.

36 Rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris.
Tel. 01 42 41 30 47


restaurant le sesame 9 hotel republique

Le Sésame - French cuisine

On the banks of the canal Saint Martin,  Sésame is an eco-friendly restaurant with New-York vintage style. The bagels are the house specialities but some other original recipes such as « Honey », chicken strips with honey, grilled vegetables and tortellinis will be offered. In a bohemian ambience, this small bistro is entirely dedicated to the greediness and the friendliness.

36 Rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris.
Tel. 01 42 41 30 47


restaurant maria luisa 9 hotel republique

Maria Luisa - Italian cuisine

Open since 2006 by a Neapolitan couple, Maria Luisa offers a large choice of delightful and authentic pizzas. The interior decor consisting of brick walls, cast irons posts and large bay windows encourages to sharing and cheerfulness. Renowned as the trendy pizzeria of the 10th district, the pizza chef will help you rediscover the Italian cuisine made by Maria Luisa.

2 Rue Marie et Louise 75010 Paris.
Tel. 01 44 84 04 01


restaurant the sunken chip 9 hotel republique

The Sunken Chip - Fish and Chips 

Imagined by two British, The Sunken Chip is the first « Fish and Chips » of Paris. Near the canal Saint Martin, the decor of this chic canteen, 100% British, is made of white tiled walls, beautiful tables and construction benches. On the menu : fish of the day, sole or even fish nuggets served with fresh fries and mushy peas !

39 Rue des Vinaigriers 75010 Paris.
Tel. 01 53 26 74 46


restaurant distrito frances 9 hotel republique

Distrito Frances - Mexican cuisine

Situated in the 10th district, Distrito Frances rethinks Mexican grandmothers’ recipes with a French touch.  In a colorful and cozy atmotsphere, as a result from the mixture of tradition and originality, the explosion of flavours in your mouth will be unexpected. Reminding the warm and electric city of Mexico, homemade guacamole, quésadillas and tacos will delight your taste buds.

10 Rue du Faubourg Saint Martin 75010 Paris.
Tel. 07 88 05 22 39


restaurant le comptoir general 9 hotel republique

Le Comptoir Général - Caribbean, African and Mediterranean cuisine

Built in an old 600sq meters barn, the Comptoir General is the Parisian alternative space devoted to exotism. All at once, the Comptoir General is a bar, a restaurant or even an art gallery. You will be seduced by the unusual decor halfway between colonialism and modernism. Located on the canal Saint Martin, the profits are redistrubuted for financing artistic and solidarity projects. Also known as the art of ghetto museum, the Comptoir General is a sure value.

80 Quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris.
Tel. 01 44 88 24 48


restaurant assanabel 9 hotel republique

Assanabel - Lebanese Cuisine

In front of the hotel, Assanable invites you to a Lebanese culinary escapade. In a welcoming decor with oriental colors, you will immerse in a warm ambiance thanks to the multiple flavours and delightful dishes. Well-known for its delicious mezzés, this traditional restaurant offers a fine and tasty cuisine for any occasion. 

6 Rue Pierre Chausson 75010 Paris.
Tel. 01 42 08 34 67


restaurant le cambodge 9 hotel republique

Le Cambodge - Cambodian cuisine

Not far from the Canal Saint Martin, this Cambodgian familial restaurant is one of the best adresses of the 10th district of Paris. As a « must-visit » point, the Bo Bun is one of the specialities of the house. A high-quality and fresh kitchen, full of exotic flavours will bring you back to the great sweetness of Asia.

10 Avenue Richerand 75010 Paris.
Tel. 01 44 84 37 70


restaurant les enfants perdus 9 hotel republique

Les Enfants Perdus - French Cuisine

A few steps from the canal Saint Martin, identified by its relaxing and wooded environment, the Enfants Perdus offers a traditional French kitchen lightly revisited. With fresh and seasonal products, the restaurant offers an attractive menu with some specialities of the house such as the homemade foie gras marinated with Porto and Cognac and onion chutney or the beef tenderloin served with mashed potatoes, civet, bone marrow and shallot confit.

9 Rue des Récollets 75010 Paris.
Tel. 01 81 29 48 26


restaurant pny paris new york 9 hotel republique

PNY Paris New York - French & American cuisine

In an elegant setting, the PNY is one of the most famous burger place in Paris. With its 228 carrousel lights on the roof, the carefully decorated space keeps the American « diner » spirit and mixes it up with a chic French touch. Located in the Faubourg Saint Denis lively street, the boss Rudy swears only by the burger ! A word to the wise !

50 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 75010 Paris.